Bonjour, Mesdames et Messieurs, and welcome to my official administrative website of my detective services. Perhaps it lacks the special meticulous touch that Mademoiselle Felicity Lemon had, but I make do.

As a private detective, I solve a range of mysteries, many of which were brought before me as cases, some of which fell into my lap by providence, but all of which were solved meticulously, carefully, and with considerable accuracy. It is with this concern for the evidence and the nature of suspects that I will bring to the cases I accept that you put before me!

Though it is a necessary step, the order and method does not solve a case on its own, anymore than the collected notes and bolts of an accordion can sound a tune. It is for that reason that I possess something else that is the reason for my success. It is difficult to explain, but I call it my 'little grey cells'. It is the complimentary process of the mind, the intuition informed by the evidence and past experience, the thought that places the pieces together with an understanding of what is possible. A case that cannot be solved with order and method and the little grey cells is a case that cannot be solved!

If you have a case you believe I would be needed for please, contact me

Those that wish to follow with my deeds rather than request assistance, please visit my personal journal.